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Become A Donor
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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

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About Us


What Exactly Does Being Planted Mean to You and to Us Today?


Being planted means a public identification with a specific church, expressing your desire to become a functioning part of that church. Being planted means you are moving from being an observer to becoming a contributor, contributing your gifts, talents, time and finances. Being planted means you are saying, Yes, I believe in the vision of this church and I want to know more so I can support and be part of this vision.


Being planted means you become a part of our All-Nations Bible Church family. In order for you to grow and be connected with our family, it is necessary to develop close, intimate friendships with those around you. For this to happen, we would like to encourage you to join in bible study, men’s prayer breakfast, women of faith prayer and youth group meetings.


Being planted is the first step to a committed life-long involvement with our All Nations Bible Church family. We are here to love and serve you for the Glory of God. If there is anything we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to speak with you.

“Pray! And listen to God! You can do this alone, but find somebody to do it with you”


Church Pastors


Greater Toronto Area

Reaching Unbelievers

We have a great desire to lead the hurting and the lost who don’t know the Lord into a dynamic relationship with Jesus as the Master and Savior of their lives.

Maturing Believers

We want to facilitate new believers in spiritual maturity and assist them in building their new life in Christ. We also want to help immigrants in natural areas-for example starting ESL programs and educating immigrants-so that they will be better citizens of Canada.

Mobilizing the Church

Our vision is to raise up an international church marked by its multi-culture ministries, and to release it to serve the community and our world as a church body.