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Become A Donor
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Contact Info

684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235


Corporate Services

We have an opening prayer for 15 minute and then right away flow into worship for half an hour. And then announcements and greetings visitor and taking offering. Lastly ministering of the Word and may be in the end give an altar call if the Spirit of God leads to minister to those in need.

Music and Worship

We have a combination of songs; possibly some hymns as well new songs of worship. We want to encourage heartfelt worship in Spirit and truth so that we might experience freedom and liberty in the presence of the Lord. As the foundation is built and as the Lord leads, in future we want to incorporate a School of David for our church.

Corporate Prayer Times

We encourage every member of our church to be actively involved in corporate prayer times and not be a spectator but rather a participator, so that they might experience God’s blessing similar to the Solemn assembly. We want to raise up an intercessory prayer ministry and a prayer chain for required needs and prayer.


We have ushers who take the offering after the worship and before the Word. In addition, we do give biblical teaching on tithing and special offerings.

Accounting and Counting Money

We have set up two to three people for accountability and counting the offering. We would follow the procedures taught in Church administration to prevent any form of mishandling of funds.

Church Constitution/By Laws

At the earliest possible time, we would set up, establish and publish the church constitution and by laws. To begin with, we would follow the model of City Bible Church in this area with proper spiritual and legal authority established.

Church Government/Structure

Eldership rule – Senior Pastor and elders.

Church Membership

We will have a six-week membership class where we will teach new members basic doctrine of the bible and what it means to be physically, spiritually and financially committed to the house of the Lord


The table of the Lord is very important to remember what Jesus has done for us on the cross. We don’t want to do it as a ritual but as a fresh dedication of our lives to him. We want to remind ourselves the importance of his shed blood on the cross and how much we are grateful to him. We will have communion an average of twice a month and as the Spirit leads

Water Baptism

Before we water baptize the new converts, we want to give them a brief teaching on the water baptism, being an outward ceremony for an inward work. So that they would have a true understanding of water baptism that it is not ritual rather they are separating themselves from the world. They are new creatures and born into the family of God. They are doing what Jesus told them to do; Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness; (Matt. 3:15)